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Roomology: Dining Room with Bookcase

April 13, 2013

Dining room with bookcases
Image source: Matchbook Magazine March 2013 issue

Roomology – Where we look at different elements of an interior. Analyze along with me and practice really looking at the room in the photo. Learning to pinpoint the elements in a photo that speak to you will make it possible to re-create the mood you’re after in your own home. Every room is saying something, it speaks a visual language. Let’s take a look at what it’s saying and how it is saying it…What I choose to highlight might be different from what you see, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This spot looks so inviting to me. It looks pretty casual, like you can relax and be yourself in it, but looks well-curated at the same time. When I saw this photo it struck me how personal it looks, yet the overall idea is very simple and would be fairly easy to recreate on a budget with IKEA and thrifted pieces.

The furniture: A bookcase, dining table and chairs.

I like that the bookcase and dining chairs are white and a pop of color is added with the table. While it has a different vibe, the IKEA Expedit Expedit shelving unit could work for a white bookcase in a similar set-up, don’t you think?


With some thrifted chairs and table with a coat of paint, it would be easy to recreate this idea if you like it.

Colors: White, light coral, teal, pink, gold.

The white wall, bookcase and dining chair provide a calm backdrop to the color provided by the dining room table (coral), books (multi-colored), artwork (teal, black and white, pink and more) and accessories (gold, blue and more).

I like how the artwork on the top shelves are similar colors grouped together. I also like how the rose on what looks like a plate attached to the front of the bookcase is a similar coral/pink to the color of the dining room table. And the hit of hot pink added by the ‘LOVE’ print is subtle but adds a fresh accent to the color palette of the room.

Accessories: Books, basket, artwork (photo, drawing, print, paintings), glass globes, plate, brass animals ( I love that rhinosaurus).

The books add color and I think of them as a form of accessory. Other accessories include those discussed above. The glass globes add a bit of depth, color and shine. I absolutely love brass objects myself and seeing this collection dotted throughout the bookcase makes me want to run out and hunt for some in thrift stores.

What do you think about this room?


Aiden Daniel // 4 months

April 10, 2013

Dear Aiden,

You are four months old today.


In the last month, you’ve moved out of your co-sleeper in our bed into your bassinet. You have started being more and more vocal. You have earned the new nickname Mr. Dribbles, because you’ve started drooling like it’s going out of style.


You are growing, little boy. That may be a given, it’s what babies do after all, but as your parents, we watch your growth with a sense of wonder. You are able to sit up and stand for longer and longer periods of time. We still have to pull you up, but you carry most of your own weight.


You used to hate tummy time, but now that you’re stronger, you hold your head up high and seem to enjoy the challenge for a while before you get frustrated. Your focused and excited facial expressions are the best.


You love variety. You enjoy sitting in my lap for a bit, but then you want to move on to other things. You still enjoy your play mat quite a bit. You like sitting in my lap while I read to you. You’ve started recognizing the books I read the most often and you’ve started talking to them while I’m reading to you. It’s so much fun to do this together.


We’ve been going on more walks since the weather is warmer and you happily sit in your carrier or in your stroller, taking in the world around you.


One of my favourite things right now, is that you’ve started putting your hands on our shoulders while we carry you. We love your little baby hugs.

We love you, little boy, with a passion.

Your mama

Inspiring Blog Award + 7 Things About Me

March 20, 2013

My friend Caitlyn gave me the Inspiring Blog Award and I was so happy to get it. As I wrote in my last blog post, in starting a blog I wanted to create a little corner of inspiration. I think that’s why many of us start a blog, right? At least the blogs I read… we want to add a little beauty or inspiration to our readers’ days by sharing bits of our lives (the good and the bad – but never just to complain but rather to let others know that we’re all in this together), pretty things, yummy recipes, etc.. It’s a way to be creative and to connect.

So, anyway, to be given this award was all the better because Caitlyn inspires me all the time. She currently lives in Japan with her husband, where they teach English, and lives a much more adventurous live than I could imagine. They are about to embark on a new adventure – moving home to Michigan. I’m excited to see what that will be like for them and can’t wait to follow along on her blog! She blogs at Little Snail.

The award comes with some rules:
1. Display the award image on your blog page. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State seven facts about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. 5. Notify your bloggers of their nomination and link to them.

So, here we go ~


7 Things About Me

1. One of my favourite snacks is raw almonds.

2. I love both coffee and tea, but I drink about 5 cups of tea to 1 cup of coffee. My favourite tea is chai and I am a little obsessed with Celestial Seasonings’ Bengal Spice, which I see as an herbal chai. However, life doesn’t feel quite right to me if I don’t start most of my mornings with a cup of regular Tetley’s.

3. I am not one to talk about my faith a lot, but if you asked me, I’d tell you that it is the most important thing in my life. In case you are wondering, I am a saved-by-grace, baptized, Bible-reading Christian.

4. I like music, but if you ask me what kind I draw a big blank. I have a horrible memory for bands or artist’s names, song titles or anything music related really, except for occasionally getting a single line from a song stuck in my head for hours on end. I do like to sing and I sing in the shower.

5. Because I am skinny, some people assume I don’t eat much. Those who know me, know that this is not true – I do love to cook and eat and I think about food more than I’d care to admit. ;) I rarely turn down food that is offered to me because I am usually hungry.

6. I often feel like I’m not really good at anything and only a little bit good at a few things. Sometimes this bothers me, at other times it doesn’t.

7. I think that if at the end of my life I can look back and say that I’ve loved God, I’ve loved the people around me and I have been loved, I will say that I’ve lived a good life.

Here are 15 blogs (in no particular order) that I personally enjoy and am inspired by – not in the least because they are written by kind, genuine, creative, lovely women.

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