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Nursery Moodboard & Inspiration

February 28, 2013

The first baby item we bought was a crib. It’s kind of funny to think about that now, because having that crib felt so urgent to me then. But now it turns out that Aiden really didn’t need it for the first few months of his life. He’s been sleeping in a little co-sleeper in between us and soon he’ll be moving into a bassinet. Once he outgrows that, he’ll move on to the crib.

Same with the room – it’s one of the first things I started thinking about but in the end we decided that Aiden will be sleeping in our bedroom for the first year. So he doesn’t really need a room of his own just yet. It would be nice to have the room set up in the next couple of months, though, so we can use it as a playroom.

I really liked the idea of keeping it simple. Not only because we weren’t finding out the gender, but also because kids’ stuff is so colorful that there will be enough color going on in the room when there are toys etc.

Here’s a little moodboard of some of the items we have already and what we’re planning:

Baby Room

Clockwise from the top:

  • The crib – ours is a slightly different model, but it’s similar.
  • Lampshade – love the floating paper bag design, from IKEA (although I can’t find it on their website anymore).
  • We don’t have anything for a window treatment yet, but like the idea of something like this blue batik. I love the batik motif and since it’s a technique which is traditionally Indonesian, it is also a nod to my Indonesian heritage (my dad was born there to Dutch-Indonesian parents).
  • I bought this floor lamp from IKEA. Love it.
  • Got this pillow at IKEA too.
  • And another IKEA find was this sheepskin. I was going to buy a fake one, since it’s so much cheaper ($13 versus $40), but ended up finding a real one in the ‘as is’ section for $20 with only minor damage at the back. Love how soft it is and the natural color variation, mine is half gray and half white – so perfect!
  • I bought a wooden rocking chair for $15 on Kijiji that I’m planning to paint (probably white). I put the sheepskin on it and the pillow on top of that. It’s a very cozy and comfy (I was actually surprised how comfortable!) spot for breastfeeding and a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a glider.
  • Also from IKEA is this fabric (I think it’s sold out now, because I can’t find it on either the Canadian or US website anymore). I was planning on making a crib skirt with it, but I love it so much, I’m thinking I should do something with it that I can use for even longer than a crib skirt…kinda wish I’d bought enough for a window treatment. Anyway, I’ll figure something out….
  • We are using a dresser topped with a changing mat as a change table and I’d love to paint a Union Jack design like this on in gray and white on it. Image from Reckless Glamour.

Painting the room is all we’ve done so far and the color of the room is Grayish by Sherwin-Williams. It’s a really nice light gray.


A few thoughts on setting up your own nursery:

  • If you use a dresser as a change table like we did, try to find one with a height of one or two inches below your elbows. It’s the most comfortable for your back. Ours is a little lower and while I don’t really mind it, I notice the difference when I use a change table that is the proper height.
  • Use dimmers on your lights or give yourself several lighting options (like using a floor or table lamp with low wattage bulb or wall sconces). I find that getting into a rocking chair in a low-lit room (with the overhead light turned off and just bedside lights on) can help Aiden go from fussy to asleep very quickly when he’s overtired.
  • Look beyond children’s stores or departments! As always, I’m a big fan of mixing it up and while it may be convenient to get everything at a baby store or the baby department of a store, I say resist the temptation and bring in some items that you love but may not have ‘baby’ written all over them…it will look so much more interesting.

Here are a few examples of rooms that I think illustrate the last point beautifully and look interesting and playful:


Room by Emily Henderson.

Such a great dresser and love the lamp and artwork.


In the same room, another wall features one of my all time favorite wallpapers. I’ve seen images of it used in hallways with family pictures, also a great idea!


Room by Lauren Liess.

The dark walls may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally think it works here. What I really love is the canopy, though, and designer Lauren Liess made it herself by using canvas drop cloth and a stencil.


Room by Karly Hand.

I love the playful mix of items in here and that gorgeous rug. Of course, I am a fan of the gray walls too!

If you want more nursery inspiration, you can also check out my Pinterest board.

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  1. February 28, 2013 12:37 pm

    I’ve already started thinking about the new nursery too. The room is painted gray, but I love the color. Like you said, I think it will let everything else pop!

    • February 28, 2013 8:44 pm

      Congratulations again Jessica! So happy for you and your family! And happy to hear you also love gray walls for a nursery. :)

  2. mrsbachelorgirl permalink
    February 28, 2013 2:43 pm

    I absolutely LOVE the things you’ve picked out. I, too, am a big fan of gender-neutral nurseries, especially since we know we’ll have more babies :) Harper’s has a lot of grey in it too, along with red, yellow, black and white.

    I adore dark walls as well! I think it’s important to use them in a room that has a lot of natural light, but they’re so chic.

    P.S. The Union Jack chest of drawers is fabulous as well!

    • February 28, 2013 8:47 pm

      Yes, keeping a nursery gender neutral is great if you’re planning on having more than one child! Good point!

  3. March 4, 2013 10:27 pm

    That wallpaper is incredible – the one with all the “picture frames”. Have fun with this :)


  1. Designer Victoria Sanchez, Regan Billingsley and Lauren Liess to open their own ... - Choose My Room

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