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Week 5: Finishing Up // Day 29: Final Thoughts on Reflecting & Evolving

October 29, 2011

Today, I continued the uneventful work on painting our off-white walls whiter…

So I have nothing exciting to share entry-wise, but since I named last week Reflect & Evolve after the fourth of Jess Constable’s Makeunder steps, I wanted to share some last thoughts on reflecting on & evolving a space!

I know that over time, we will be doing more work in this space and also add more stuff – because I like to play with decorations. :)

Some things that will change over time ~
Seasonal decor
Adding fresh plants when old ones die
Adding new scented candles etc.
Swapping out art

Of course, there will aslo be the constant influx of junk-mail, shoes, seasonal clothing (winter coats, hats etc.)!

As part of the new maintenance habits (which I don’t really have for this space, hence the messy situation we had before), I’ll be ~
watering plants
making sure that if I add new decoration, it fits in with my vision for the space
keeping it trash free on a daily basis

I am so glad that I took the time to create a vision for the space, it will make it easier to have daily habits because I know what I want it to feel like. Also when we do some bigger renovations, it will continue to grow in the right direction.

Jess Constable (the girl I keep mentioning from one of my favorite blogs from Makeunder my Life) recently had her apartment featured on Apartment Therapy (really cool!), and I thought I’d share some of the things that she shared when talking about this experience.

…when I think about the journey that has led me here, I think the biggest thing that I did “right” was to treat that tiny little apartment I once had as if it was the apartment that I have right now. I cleaned, primped, and acted as though that little dinky room was a castle. And I continued to treat my other apartments with the same respect and care.

She then went on to say that she treated her small business the same way, pouring all her care into all aspects of it even when it was smaller than she wanted it to be. She finished with this thought:

I think with this kind of respect and appreciation for the things we do have, we prepare and make room for the larger things to come.

I thought that was such an awesome thought. To be honest, I’ve never done that with any of the apartments we’ve lived in. I’ve always waited until we had the right place, more money to spend etc. But I came to the point that I’ve realized I’d be waiting a long time. Right now, we are in a house that we love and making small changes within our budget really does make it feel more like a home!

I hope that you’ll feel encouraged to do the same whether your budget is small or large. I think it can be so easy to always be looking for the next thing and putting off living where we are to the fullest of our abilities! Embrace where you are now and make it a home.

There are only a couple more days left of the 31 Day Challenge! October has gone so fast! I know at this point that I won’t get everything done I’d set out to do. I did bite of a bit more than I could chew especially with traveling for a week as well! But it’s all good. I will make an effort over the next couple of days to wrap it up to an extent and have something to show for all the hard work of October!

Thanks for following along!!

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  1. October 31, 2011 6:58 pm

    I’m SO guilty of waiting for the “right” time. I’ve made a little progress with each new apartment but have never really made any of them into a home. But I definitely want to work harder on this apartment to make sure my next apartment feels like home when I move in and not several months (or years!) later.

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