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My 6 Favorite Things from the August/July ’11 Lonny

August 5, 2011

I’ve loved magazines since I had my first subscription at the age of 4 (to the Bobo, which included cartoons about Bobo the rabbit). Nowadays, we have so much access to information, images and inspiration on-line, yet to me nothing compares to the feeling of actually sitting down with a magazine in my hands and really taking it in. At the end of the day the experience is just different from reading on a screen.

However, of course I also love the on-line magazines that are available. How lucky are we to have access to these gorgeous magazines (for free!) with fresh images, ideas and writing every month with the click of a mouse?!

I find that I have trouble processing it though. I don’t know what it is – reading it on a screen just makes it harder for me. So, I thought I could play a game and come up with my top 5 favorite things (it turned into 6) from the July/August Lonny issue. When I have a goal, my mind is much more focused and I also ended up with a list of things to share.

1. I enjoyed reading The Guy-Friendly Guide to Decorating. This image has such a light and airy but definitely a masculine feel. You might spot a Union Jack lampshade in there too. :)

2. I can’t remember where I first saw an image of a painting by James Nares, but I was immediately taken with them. I love the texture of the brushstroke and the contrast between brush stroke and back ground. He paints in color too, but this black and white one featured in Lonny is really cool.

3. I know black rooms may not be for everyone. (To be honest, they’re not really for me either…) But I love how this one has been done. I love the collection of objects, the different textures in the room, the beautiful chandelier and the white antlers against the black wall.

4. I’m a fan of indigo and I love the inky, painterly look of the design on this pillow.

5. This home designed by Jarlath Mellett looks like the perfect place to relax. The neutral background with turquoise touches is soothing without being bland in the least. I love that feather artwork on the right wall.

6. This photo is from the same home and also manages to have a very calming, but interesting vibe. That chair adds a lot of interest of course, I cant help but wonder how comfortable it is… The stripes are such a doable idea for any home, I’d like to do something like this in our own home to add interest to an area (maybe even our stairway).

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  1. August 7, 2011 5:52 am

    I love the dark room ad the indigo… but then I also love white ;)

  2. August 8, 2011 1:40 pm

    I absolutely am addicted to magazines! I enjoy online magazines but nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to holding a magazine and turning the beautiful pages. My particularly favorites are Architectural Digest, English Home, Victoria, and on and on. I have to make a deliberate decision to NOT purchase magazines when I go to a store. Otherwise, I would easily spend $50 on magazines. Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me a huge selection of magazines. I stayed in bed, and piled them up next to me and spent the day leafing through the gorgeous magazines. Bliss! If I were younger, I would go back to school and study interior design. We are magazine soul sisters!

  3. August 8, 2011 5:54 pm

    First off, I have to say that I love that you spell your name *exactly* like my niece Jadyn does (c; And second, what a fun place you have here! You loved pretty much all the things I loved out of Lonny, especially that guy’s guide to decorating…that blue skull in that space is masterful! Glad I found you!

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