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Lovely Monday: Bold & Eclectic

June 14, 2011

My friend Natalea from Kandeland asked me this:

…do you have some inspiration with bright colors that you could share with me? I’m kind of reworking my family room, and the walls are robin egg blue, and I want all the furniture and pillows and art to be a big bold eclectic mix. I have a vintage orange crushed velvet crazy couch that is going in there, and I plan on doing gallery-style walls of art. Wondering if in your “files” of decor inspiration you have some images or suggestions for me!?

Before we get to the inspiration photos, a short digression: How great is this photo?? I want to be that girl…standing on the steps to a bookstore with a chippy front door, wearing that dress. Ah…sigh.

{Via: Little Blue Deer}

Okay, on to the inspiration images for Natalea. When she said “orange crushed velvet”, I imagined a mix of jewel tones and richly textured fabrics against the calming back ground of her robin egg blue walls. There is no blue to be found in this photo, but this is the type of vibe I imagined, colorful and rich.

{Via: Little Blue Deer}

When looking for bold and eclectic, I really like almost anything that Miles Redd, creative director of Oscar de la Renta home, designs. Here are two of the rooms that he’s designed that use both blue and orange with a chocolate brown and a mix of other colors.

{Image: Room Design by Miles Redd, Photography Simon Upton}

When looking at inspiration photos with gallery walls, this in one that stood out to me.

{Image: Miles Redd}

This room also combines orange and blue with chocolate brown, it looks so warm and inviting.

{Image: Better Homes & Gardens, photography Alec Hemer}

I love this gallery wall.

{Via: Decorpad}

The fabric of the sofa also made me think that it would be nice for example to use a floral fabric on the orange sofa that would also add some blue there. Like this one:


I hope there’s something in there that will spark some ideas for you, Natalea!

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  1. June 14, 2011 10:47 am

    OH!!! I just love the inspiration! those rooms are so “me”! When I browse interior design books I always linger over rooms like these! Thank you so much for doing this post Jadyn! and when the room comes together I will send you some photos! have a great week, xoxo

    • June 14, 2011 11:07 am

      So glad you like it!! Would love to see photos of the room when it comes together!! xx

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