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Just The Way You Are

June 1, 2011

{Source: Five Words Tell A Story}

I’m a bit later with my post today than intended; I typed out the quotes, got distracted and then realized I had to go to work. But it certainly is nice to come home to inspiring quotes & a blog post to finish.

I love this quote by dancer and choreographer Martha Graham:

You are unique,
and if that is not fulfilled, then
something wonderful
has been lost.
~ Martha Graham

Something I thought of is that it is all good and well to be okay with the parts of you that are easy for others to understand. But what about the times when you feel that you have something to say that might not be well received? Or when you want to make something that feels so personal that you’re not sure if others will understand it? Are there ever times when you hold back on doing something because you wonder if anyone will care? Or if it matters at all? I do. That’s why this quote is on my fridge:

There are
many wonderful
things that will never
be done if you
do not do them.
~ Charles D. Gill

I tweeted this quote and Stacy respnded saying:

Yes, yes – do them.



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  1. June 5, 2011 2:02 am

    Dear Jadyn, if something matters to you, then it matters.
    I am respectful of others, but life is too short to be influenced by what others might think or not think.
    I love both quotes, they inspire my to…leave the beaten track!

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