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Decor-Commitment Phobia & Getting Started

April 15, 2011

Hello! ~

Today, I am re-posting the second one of the guest posts that I did for Caiti at Caitidid Designs .

Like last’s week’s post, I thought it’d be nice to share this here in case you missed it the first time around. And I really want to be very intentional about developing my approach in both design and business. I personally feel like it can be easy to be intimidated by all the gorgeous photos of amazing interiors out there. I think blogs have done such a great job of making it feel so much more attainable to create a beautiful home even when you’re on a budget or even when it doesn’t come totally naturally to you. This is really what’s important to me as well – sharing what I learn in hopes of making anyone feel that they can have a beautiful space themselves.

I will do a few posts in the next couple of weeks where I’ll give some illustrations of what I am talking about.

I hope you enjoy! ~

I can’t say I’ve completely overcome my commitment phobia when it comes to home decorating, but I’ve learned some things along the way that have helped me.

Keep your big ticket items neutral and use color in the accessories so you can swap items out easily when you want to change things up. This is definitely a rule that does not need to apply to everyone, if you find a sofa in a pattern that you love – go for it! However, sticking to this rule takes a lot of risk out of the equation and gives you more freedom to change your look down the road without spending much money.

Incorporate various aspects of yourself. If you find that you have a hard time settling on what you like because you like such a range of different things, don’t be afraid to incorporate these various items. Take the time to analyze your inspiration images and notice the different styles that pop up. Pick one and do something with it. Then pick another for the next project.

Look to your past for things you’ve always loved. If you loved something when you were 16, could there be a chance that you might love it now? While I may not wear the retro second-hand corduroy bell-bottoms that I loved as a teenager – I still love the color blue of my favorite pair and I still love second-hand items, so using these aspects in decor is pretty much a no-fail choice for me. Are there any colors that you’ve always loved? Is there a style that you can see you’ve been attracted to throughout the years? Chances are you’ll still love it now and even 10 years down the road.

Break the rules. It can be easy to fall into the trap of wondering what “the right way” is. Or to decorate for what others will admire. I recently read advice by a interior designer who said to follow the rules 60% of the time and break them 40% of the time. You can always break a rule – if you have a good reason for it. If you love something, that is often a good enough reason.

If you don’t know where to start in your home, I would tackle it as with any area in life where I have lots of ideas but don’t know where to begin. First of all, I’d do a brain dump of all the things on my mind surrounding the topic and then look it over and see if there’s anything that looks particularly juicy and exciting to me. This is especially great if you can start off with a small project, because the excitement you’ll feel from transforming a small area into something you love will give you momentum to move on to bigger things! If there’s nothing that jumps out at you, I’d start at the other end of the spectrum: What is it that bugs you the most or the thing about your house that you feel a bit embarrassed about? That is also a good place to start. Starting small also gives you the opportunity to test the waters and see if you’re moving closer to creating a space that you love or not. Examples of small projects would be: Painting one room, or even one wall. Buying one throw pillow. Buying and installing one pair of curtains. Creating one vignette.

– Lastly, it can pay off to hire a professional for input. When I start my business, I plan to offer a service for those that just need some help pulling their ideas together – and I know there are others out there that offer this too. It’s a low-cost way to get someone with a trained eye to just point you in the right direction if you are up for doing the rest yourself.

Most of all, have fun! After all, if something doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would, it’s not the end of the world. The feeling of adding something to your house that brings a smile to your face really makes it worth it to put in some effort, in my opinion. Just be proud of yourself for taking any step in that direction, no matter how small.

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  1. April 15, 2011 9:24 am

    what good tips! thx! :)

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