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Playing Around with Clothes

November 12, 2010

A totally different post for a change. I am currently sans camera since, sadly, my beloved Panasonic Lumix has bitten the dust (three months after the extended warranty ran out…). So, while I am in limbo before either purchasing a new camera or getting my old one fixed, I have been taking photos with my Mac Photo Booth application, since I. need. to. document. my. life. It’s borderline compulsive, although I like to call it a healthy creative habit.

Speaking of creativity, I have been feeling a need to switch things up in the wardrobe department lately. I found myself reaching for the same cozy sweaters and comfy jeans over and over. I was really wearing only 10% of my wardrobe, and I don’t have many clothes to begin with…

It feels good to mix things up a little and forcing myself to play with this has been oddly liberating. Since self-portraits are really the easiest thing to do when taking photos with a laptop, I thought I’d share a few of my captures. They are grainy and the lighting is quite bad, but it all comes with the territory.

Since the tag-line of my blog is “Finding Inspiration in Everything”, I wanted to share this area of my life where I’ve felt that spark of inspiration lately.

This t-shirt was white at a certain point, but I dyed it a couple of years ago after which I never really wore it again. The other day, I cut off the bottom (it was long) and made fabric flowers to attach to the neckline and embroidered a little heart on it. I liked the color combination with this jacket:

I am loving this pair of ripped jeans at the moment. I don’t normally wear this jacket around the house, I use it for outside in the spring, but in the spirit of mixing things up I decided to pair it with these jeans, a thin purple t-shirt and a long necklace from h&m. I was surprised at how comfortable this actually was.

Same jeans, different day.

Have you ever heard that sometimes if you can’t decide what colors to pick for your home, it can help to look in your closet and see what colors you like to wear? Well, I have heard this, and even though I don’t think this goes for everyone, I think it goes for me (to an extent).

I can look at these outfits and see some characteristics that I also like to use in my home:

– Color: I love red. I love the red jacket and I love the red wall in our living room.
Also, I love indigo blue and I like black in small doses, sometimes larger doses.

– I love natural materials. I am an obsessive label checker – I always like to know what kind of materials go into anything I buy. Even though cotton isn’t the most eco-friendly material, I do like to wear it and I like to buy things for my home made out of cotton. I love linen (the red jacket is made out of it). I love real leather.

– I like things a little embellished, but still pretty clean and simple.

– I like a combination of more classic, formal elements (the jackets, the sweater) with things that are a little more rough around the edges (the jeans) and I also love to add objects with a more masculine feel to the mix (the boots).

Do you feel that the way you dress reflects your overall sense of style or do you have very different approaches to your home versus your wardrobe?

XO Jadyn

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  1. November 12, 2010 8:27 am

    What an interesting idea. Like you, I’d say red and natural fibres are top of my list in both areas. When I think of how often I rearrange and redecorate the house, though, it doesn’t quite fit with the person who has bought new clothes in… years? :)

  2. November 14, 2010 9:46 am

    urgh- sorry about the camera– and just after the warranty ran out. that tends to happen to me with stuff to. ;(

    i love putting stuff in my closet together in a new way and it feels like new clothes without spending any $$!

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