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Lovely Monday, erm, Tuesday: Sarah Richardson

October 19, 2010

Last Thursday, I went to Toronto to visit this lovely lady:

We had such a nice time together enjoying some of the cafes in Toronto, a movie at an independent theater and watching episodes of Intervention, Hoarders and the documentary No Impact Man (fascinating stuff!).

I really have been thinking lately about loving where I am and putting roots down here. Enjoying Toronto has been so nice and a good reminder that I have so much to explore here. I have really only seen a smidgen of Canada.

This got me thinking about how it would be nice to look at Canadian design as well. I’ve blogged about Dutch and British design that I love, which considering the name of this blog might be expected, but of course there’s Canadian design to love as wel. I picked some images I love from rooms by Sarah Richardson, who, incidentally, was born in Toronto.

Here are some images from her cottage that she re-did, the process of which was filmed for her TV show.

I love love love the drift wood that she used for the island of her kitchen. Also, the gray and white back splash is very pretty.

Such a lovely red on the chairs and such a nice combination of patterns. I also love that they didn’t paint the wooden planks of the wall and ceiling white, but gave it a white wash instead so the wood grain and knots still come through.

Besides the spectacular view and the large windows, I love all the blues and the way she’s mixed all the different patterns in this room. I watched this episode and one thing Sarah Richardson said was that she didn’t feel like they had to be all the same blue, but that she wanted the room to look like it’s all come together over time by mixing slightly different blues together. I like that idea.

And blue leopard print in a cottage? Brilliant!

These are not from the cottage but rooms she’s done for other people:

Those chairs! Love that pattern. Also love the rug and curtains.

Looking through the images I picked, I realize they are all decorated in reds, white and blue. It’s funny how I seem to gravitate to those.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

XO Jadyn

Image Credits: Sarah Richardson Website

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  1. October 20, 2010 1:12 am

    do you think your blog name will eventually be “dutchbritishcanadianlove”?!

  2. October 20, 2010 12:01 pm

    I like Sarah, but in my book the Canadian that rocks is Candace Olsen. I just subscribed to the digital version of Canadian House and Home. My first digital subscription…it is ok to read online, but not as fun as flipping through a real magazine though. Lots of rain, thunder and lighting here in San Diego CA, which is weird since we usually have fire season right now. So it made for a slower week for me. Have a great rest of the week!

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