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Dreams : From Fantasy to Possibility

September 9, 2010

I finally did it: I made up my mind! Not always an easy feat for me…

I’ve written some posts on being true to yourself, following your dreams and creating your own role in life. It’s what I’ve felt tugging on my heart, these longings for doing something different and something meaningful. Sure, I was in University working on my undergraduate degree, but this had started to feel like the wrong path (for now).

In a way, it started to weigh on me that I was writing about following dreams yet not taking action. I dislike the idea of talking without action – it’s not how I want to live my life.

And so I started thinking, thinking, thinking about what I wanted to do. I prayed. I downloaded helpful worksheets from life coach Michelle Ward at When I Grow Up. I filled them out. I talked to my Ben. I talked to my parents.

I came across a long distance Interior Design course and I requested information, thinking nothing of it – thinking: “I won’t do this, I’m just getting the brochure.” At the same time, I started to have ideas about how Interior Design can be meaningful; how creating a home that reflects who we are and that creates a space where our souls feel nourished, it really can affect our lives. I’d thought about training as a life coach, because I really want to help others create lives for themselves that they love. But I also love being creative, and I love color, fabrics and design. I started to see that perhaps I could fulfill both my desire for meaning and to be of service to others as well as my desire for being creative. And then my Mom asked me during a Skype conversation: “Have you ever thought about becoming an Interior Designer?” Yet, it still didn’t really dawn on me that this is what I wanted to do.

I’m a little slow sometimes…

Yet, I kept being drawn to the Sheffield brochure and I did some research by looking at other classes. And finally, the thought of it just wouldn’t let me alone. So, after talking it over with Ben who also started getting more excited about the idea over time, I decided to enroll. The picture on top of this post is the cover of the first module that arrived last week. (Woohoo!)

Somewhere around this time, I got this card from Astrid with the text on it From Fantasy to Possibility. I loved this line so much because it spoke to where I feel I am. It’s like I am moving my fantasy, my dream into the realm of possibility. It’s not reality just yet (or anytime soon?), but it’s become possibility. And for that I am grateful and excited.

Yet, there are fears that come up with any foray into the unknown, especially when it involves going after something you really want. I came across an excellent article by writer and coach Tara Sophia Mohr on the Huffington Post website entitled How to Nurture a New Dream. She offers some great tips on how not to let a dream be squelched by the fear of trying to figure out how the heck you’re going to accomplish it before even taking a first step. I am prone to doing this, so any help in that are is very welcome!

Well, this has turned into a bit of a long post! Thanks for letting me share this piece of my life and my excitement about it with you. More to come, I’m sure.

XO Jadyn

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  1. Debby permalink
    September 10, 2010 2:27 am

    Wow Jadyn! You do take me by surprise, but then that does not surprise me. Good for you, I am really curious to see how this is going to evolve for you. I love your website design too!

  2. September 10, 2010 11:30 am

    Jadyn ~ this is awesome! I have such trouble making up my mind sometimes and not taking action as well. It has to be exciting to be heading in a new direction and seeing where that will take you!

    And thanks for sharing that HuffPo article; it sounds like something I should read :)

  3. September 10, 2010 7:54 pm

    That is SOOOOO wonderful Jadyn! Congratulations on taking a step toward your dreams! Action feels so good! I’m so happy for you…xoxo natalea

  4. September 12, 2010 7:47 pm

    Congratulations! This seems like a natural step. Love your posts and thoughts on creating a home. The chair in the garden really grabbed my attention from awhile back… and has stuck with me. You will be great at this I can tell :) Best wishes on this.

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