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Funky Flea Market Finds

May 18, 2010

The Noordermarkt is a treasure trove of flea market finds and great fabrics on Monday mornings. I met up with my Canadian friend Rhonda the last Monday of my trip. Rhonda and her friend Melissa visited two great cities on their trip: London and Amsterdam. It was so much fun to see her in Amsterdam. In Canada, Rhonda and I like to hit the Goodwill and Value Village. There’s just something about not knowing what you’re going to find! Visiting the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam was the perfect way to spend the time we had in Amsterdam together.

Now that’s a cool dresser. Too bad my suitcase wouldn’t have accommodated its size! Ben felt that one of those helmets would have been a good souvenir. I imagine trying to get through customs carrying a metal helmet under my arm might have been a challenge.

I promise I’m not obsessed with my own reflection! It just seemed like a good way to photograph the frame (and the one above). Aren’t they cool?

There will be a full post with photos of all the creatively decorated bikes I came across coming up!


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