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Friday Thoughts on Waking Up

April 23, 2010

“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”
– J.M. Power

Wake up and smell the coffee…

I always loved that expression. With English not being my first language, every new expression I learned in English conjured up vivid images in my head. This image of waking up and smelling the coffee has such a coziness about it. I love the smell of coffee. Most people I know do, even those who hate the taste of it. Yet, waking up can be a rather unwelcome experience as well. Tomorrow, I have to get up at 7:30am for work. I’m not a morning person, so every time I have to wake up before 9, I feel like a huge injustice is being done to me. It’s sad to say, but experience has taught me that it tends to make me cranky the whole day.

I came across the above quote on the beautiful, inspiring blog Jardino. I have been very inspired by a lot of quotes lately. They all seem to center around dreams and taking action. That tells you a little bit about where my head is at.

I’ve enrolled in another e-course called “April in Paris :: What are you waiting for? be it. live it. do it!”. It’s taught by Marisa and Sean who are in Paris for the month of April, as part of their dream of living in Europe for part of the year. I asked Ben for this e-course for my birthday (early birthday present, my birthday isn’t until May 30, hehe), because I’m starting to see the power that comes with surrounding yourself by people who are further along on the path that you want to go and others on the same path. E-courses are a really great way of doing that.

The thing that keeps coming back to me is how easy it is to push my deepest longings to the corners of my existence rather than give them space to breathe and grow. Over the past year, I’ve started paying closer attention to what makes me feel alive. Starting this blog is a part of that. But I think what my subconscious is telling me by zoning in on certain quotes like the one above, is that it’s time for me to put my time and energy where heart is. I keep thinking about how I think nothing of going through discomfort for things that are required of me, such as work and school. It’s just what you do to make life work, right? However, there are things that I want to do that I’m waiting to do until I ‘feel’ like it. I want to be in the right kind of head space. I don’t value my own dreams enough to be uncomfortable for them. And these are not necessarily just the big dreams. I’m talking small things that people do every day. For me, it means for example really settling down in my house. I’m not making time to really create the home that I long for.

Am I willing to sacrifice sleep if that means creating things in my life that bring me that bone-deep joy of doing something that breathes life into my soul? Is that even important? I think so, because I know for sure that I’m more fun to be around when I’m happy. There have been a few times lately where I’ve stayed up too late to finish something that I enjoyed making while I already felt like my plate was full with work and school. And I felt a little crazy for doing it. But maybe it’s not so crazy. Maybe it’s actually quite sane. I think that’s the shift in perspective that I’m experiencing right now.
And I’m wishing the same for you…

Are you valuing your own dreams enough to be uncomfortable for them? If you do in one area of your life, are there other areas that you’re neglecting?

I’m interested in other perspectives too!


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  1. April 24, 2010 1:28 am

    Hello you! *Slowly registers the penny drop!* So so glad to hear that you are on the April in Paris course too! Thank you also for all the sweetest encouragement… your comments (and mention!) made my day!! Hope that whatever got you up so early today, works out beautifully and that you end up have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy!

  2. April 24, 2010 7:03 am

    I love this post! I’ve been reflecting on the same things . . . time, how I use my time, whether or not the way I use my time reflects my REAL values, sacrificing time for something I really love and that will add joy. . . We spend so much time budgeting our money and making that work for us, I think it’s even more important to make the most of our time. I don’t mean cramming in “to do” lists but really sucking all the beauty out of our lives in whatever way we personally find beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  3. francina permalink
    April 26, 2010 5:26 pm

    As always a big fat quote on everything you said!
    … and on a frivolous note, I love the “Wake Up and smell the coffee” too, wish we had something that powerful in Italian .-)

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