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Going Dutch: Clogs

March 30, 2010

(Source unknown, via smashboxstudios)

So, apparently clogs are back in style. When Karl Lagerfeld incorporates them into his Spring 2010 collection for Chanel, you know clogs have come a long way. They certainly have come a long way from this:

Traditional Dutch clogs.

(Source: Siebrand via Wikipedia)

Contrary to stereotype, clogs are not actually worn much in The Netherlands anymore. When I was about 10, I actually did wear a pair of clogs everywhere for a little while. I’d like to say I was ahead of the times, but, truthfully, it was a traditionally Dutch pair along the lines of the pair above although more colorful. It really should be filed under ‘what was I thinking?’ and probably never be mentioned again. However, it is interesting to me how there have been times in my life where I did something completely unusual and just did not care about strange looks from others.

Anyway, although clogs are generally associated with the Dutch, I think the current clog trend is based more on Swedish clogs (I think – despite my ancestry, I’m not an expert on clog history). However, I couldn’t resist thinking of this fashion trend as the idea that the world is now embracing Dutch style.

I think this is definitely one of those trends that a lot of people either love or hate. And to be honest, I think that even on Chanel models and covered in beautiful Chanel fabric, they look awkwardly chunky. I like chunky shoes, but awkward not so much. So, the only pair that I could find that I LOVE are a pair that look rather un-clog like and much like regular heels. They’re more like distant cousins of clogs showing their ancestry in the way they’re built.

I also sort of like these, I think they could be nice to give a bit of edge to a girly ensemble and I like it that they don’t seem so clunky as some other pairs I’ve seen.

Vera Wang Clogs

And here’s the pair I really love with some of the things I’d pair it with in a fantasy life, where I could afford to spend $ 700 on a pair of shorts (not that this is one of my life dreams, but it’s how much the pair I picked out on Polyvore will set you back) and ride off into the sunset on a Liberty bike:

Dutch.British.Love by JadynSenior featuring Alexander Wang tops

Items in this set:
Alexander Wang Striped Tank with Side Panels, 70 GBP
Pleat Front Judo Shorts, $675
Pink Floral Tie Clog, 45 GBP
Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Necklace – Multiview
Chic Vintage Ted Lapidus Paris Cream Gold Sunglasses, 98 GBP

This was my first time using Polyvore and I had fun with it! Playing around with summer clothes definitely put me in the mood for summer. I’m still wearing a light sweater today, but hopefully we can all put our sweaters away soon.


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