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Having fun with teal duct tape

March 11, 2010

I went to Michael’s the other day to get some craft supplies for a bulletin board I’m making. I wandered around for an hour checking everything out and thinking of all the stuff I could do if I had all the money (and time!) in the world. But there I was, being sensible, weighing every purchase, every dollar. And then I spotted a bin with colored duct tape. There was just no way I could pass that up.

So, to keep my silly impulse buy from a fate that a lot of the craft supplies I buy end up with – being stashed away for that ‘perfect moment’ which just fails to show up – I decided to start fiddling with it right away. Turns out I had a lot of fun, just playing around. Here’s the result:

I love teal. I also like things that are a little unexpected and things that make use of unexpected materials. This teal duct tape ruffle vase fits that bill I think.
I used a Starbucks cold cup for the base.

I have made a decision in the last few months that I’m going to focus more on the process of things rather than just the results. This little vase got me thinking again about how I often over-think things. There are so many times I don’t take time to create the things that are in my head because I am afraid that the result will disappoint, that I won’t like it, or that no one else will.

But at the end of the day, who cares? That moment of creating something new out of a material that somehow got my creative juices flowing brought joy into my day. And even though some people may like the result and others may not – or nobody might care – at the end of the day it makes me smile when I look at it. I think we discount those moments sometimes, or at least I do. But I’m going to really try to remember that those moments matter, that what makes me feel joy is worth putting effort into, even if nobody else cares. Is there anything that you’re talking yourself out of by caring too much about the results or what other people think?


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  1. April 19, 2012 6:40 am

    Hey Jadyn! Love your cute D.I.Y Ruffle vase and featured(+linked to) it as one of my favorite Duct Tape DIY Ideas in a post yesterday, hope you don’t mind! This is the link if you wanna check it out: Keep up the good work on your blog;-D


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