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Getting rid of stuff a little easier

March 8, 2010

When I was a little girl, I imagined that all my stuff had feelings. I suspect it is normal to feel this way about your dolls and stuffed animals, but I extended this way of thinking to everything I owned. My parents tell me that for a while I was adamant to take something different with me to bed every night, even if it was something hard and uncomfortable. I felt bad for anything that might feel left out! I wonder if I’m the only one to ever feel that way about my things?
Anyway, needless to say this way of thinking made it hard to get rid of stuff.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that inanimate objects DO NOT have feelings. Phew! It makes throwing things out so much less heartbreaking and emotionally fraught. Still, there are things that have sentimental value. Also, stuff just accumulates! Every time we move, I am astounded at what has managed to find its way into our house.

Here’s a big aha moment I had about this: allowing things in my HOME that I don’t love somehow connects with allowing things into my LIFE that I don’t love. So, for me, making the connection between deciding where my life is going and how I arrange things in my house is very important. Maybe it comes down to that feeling-thing. I may now understand that my things don’t have feelings and I don’t have to be afraid to hurt them, but I am still an emotional person and I need to involve my feelings into all areas of my life. Just thinking that I need to re-organize doesn’t work for me, but placing this in a context that gets me excited helps me let go of things more easily. It also helps make the things I own that I do love stand out more. Even creating empty space helps me along in the process because it makes it easier to visualize what should go there.

I really like the way Jessica from Makeunder My Life puts it:

By getting rid of the items I don’t covet anymore, my ratio of nice to not-nice stuff increases, and I end up closer to my goal.

This process is something I’d been working on for a while when I came across her blog a little while ago and I was just so excited that I’m not the only one thinking about this stuff. Her blog is wonderful and inspiring, you can read more about her thoughts behind the blog here.

As this is an ongoing process in my house and life, I suspect there will be more about this in later posts. For now, I will show the somewhat funny result of practicing this philosophy in my living room (excuse the bad lighting):

Empty Livign Room 2010

Looks a little empty, doesn't it?

However, soon I was able to add something I do love, although I’d like to get a slipcover for it and one day get it re-upholstered. I love the shape of though.

Sofa 2010

My French Provincial sofa. Does the color of that pillow look weird on it?

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  1. March 8, 2010 1:32 pm

    Thank you so much for mentioning MML! I’m glad to hear that you are also a fan on making under. :)

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